Why On-Page SEO is important?

You come up with an excellent piece of content that will surely help you to reach your target audience efficiently. Simultaneously, you are trying your best to get a higher rank and earn relevant traffic on your web-page. But now it seems like all your hard work of designing a creative page and writing mindful content may go in vain as they failed to get your product/ service to the desired position on the web. So what caused this fiasco? It was the absence of an On-Page SEO. It is indeed one of the most fundamental aspects of digital marketing.

Let me give you an example to explain importance of On-Page SEO:

Case 1: 

Consider your website is a shop, and you don’t organize your shop and stuff all products randomly in the shop without organizing.

SEO Relation: When a user wants a product you will not get it on time because it’s not organized. Similarly, if you don’t organize and maintain the content, search engine will not be able to find and prioritize your data for serving the user.

Case 2: 

In Shop you need to showcase your products very well, so people get to know about your product and get interested in the same just by seeing the window display.

SEO Relation: When a user searches any information or product in the search engine, just like in a shop, we need to show a good description and relevant product upfront to get them on the website and keep them engaged.

Why On-Page SEO Is Important

An efficient On-Page SEO is essential to succeed in organic search for a higher ranking of your web-page, otherwise creating great content is a waste of time and energy. It will lag behind on Google like a hidden gem, which will never be discovered. So, let’s have a look at the technique without any ado.

On Page SEO is 60% contributor in the entire SEO strategy. Don’t take it lightly. #SEO

The main reason for one’s digital presence is to reach more and more netizens and earn recognition. On-Page SEO is the key that helps you rank your page position higher in search engine results, which in turn gives the website greater exposure to targeted visitors and eventually convert them into customers.

How to Optimize for On page

Right set of keywords – Keyword research is the first step in any digital marketing campaign. It’s essential to choose the right kind of keywords to attract the relevant audience to your web pages. It leads to great potential and a higher probability of converting this audience into customers.

Choose Good Domain Names
Choose a domain that gives a clear idea about your service to the viewers so that they know what to expect when entering the website.

Optimize Your Meta Data
You need to optimize each page of your website to make them more search engine friendly, by using both content and metadata; especially Title Tags and the Meta Descriptions.

Unique Content is crucial to engage viewers
Although the set of keywords is essential to help Search Engine web crawlers to find your page, unique and high-quality content is equally important to satisfy the visitors, make them stay, read, and share your content.

So now you know that On-Page SEO is like a life jacket that protects your web page from sinking and keep it afloat forever.

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